Transportation & Roads

One of the key services of the City of Arlington is to maintain our roads and thoroughfares.  I've watched as various projects are approved from past council sessions, which go against common sense approaches to a growing population, with a growing need for better roads.  We can do better.  We can be wiser with the investments we make for our future, by being smarter with our choices for solutions to address our transportation demands.  (and we can stop wasting money on consulting fees from out-of-state firms, who do not know our turf better than we do.)  We need to discourage federal grant money that always comes with cumbersome and wasteful "strings" attached.  Arlington is one of the biggest cities without a rail transit system.  I'd like to think that it's because the people of Arlington are incredibly smart, having voted them down three times in past elections! There's not one rail system in the country running without a huge deficit.  Arlington isn't an "urban" city.  If we wanted "urban", we'd all be living in Fort Worth, Dallas, or New York City!  Let's stop trying to keep up with those places, because frankly... they're all going broke!

Attracting New Business

District 1 is uniquely different from the other four districts in Arlington...  We are the ENTERTAINMENT district! We've had some incredible events over the last decade, and I want to see that trend continue and grow. We need to focus on lodging for our out of town guests, so that we can offer the "full package" for our tourism industry.   But we also need to make sure that whatever business wants to bring their operations to Arlington is met with a welcoming package of less regulations and burdensome ordinances.  We've got a great start, but now wouldn't you like to see "Arlington, Texas" prominently at the bottom of your screen when watching a Cowboys football game on TV, instead of "North Texas"? We can fix that!


Do you like the idea of "rack and stack" housing?  Or high-density apartments? Do you like the idea of over a hundred units (apartments) per acre for multi-family housing? We have to fix these ideas, and return to more sensible solutions to housing, zoning ordinances, and property development. 

Public Safety

Our City leadership had implemented a burdensome and unconstitutional "photographic traffic enforcement system" for the last decade, and claimed that the system was "for our safety."   We were finally able to stop this deceptive money-making scheme, and I will continue to fight for complete transparency in our city government.  As for keeping our streets and intersections safer, we can make several changes to our current traffic control systems, and utilize newer technology with the traffic lights, making our intersections considerably more safe, without the added punitive features of "civil violations".   It can be done!  

We also must continue to strive for a safer community through neighborhood watch groups, and working closely with our wonderful police force, fire-fighters, and EMTs.  

Citizen Involvement

I want to be able to have an "open door" policy with the citizens of District 1. I'm always going to be interested in what YOU want to see happen in Arlington.  I will always be receptive to your ideas for a better Arlington! I will answer your phone calls, and respond to your emails.  And I'll do it with respect and a smile!